2016 Calendar – as a business promotion or a gift

2016 Calendars when branded are the most durable, visible and long lasting of any paper based media.

Longest lasting paper media is the “book”, however a newspaper lasts barely half a day, and a magazine may be fresh for a month, these have a minute fraction of the longevity of a calendar.

For corporate branding, the calendar is full of possibilities.

Think of the iconic “Pirelli” calendar a collector’s items and fetching a fortune! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pirelli_Calendar .

Another fine example is the “Sports illustrated” swimsuit calendar, this magazine calendar outsells its parent issue?

Kurtovich have built their Calendar experience from the “hard yards” of the retail shelf, hidden in the maze of fantastic covers from our competitors, we have blitzed the sell through sales every year for nearly 20 years.

You can use this or use the experience to find out for yourself, what a great way to spend that advertising dollar.

A4 wall calendar -Kiwi Iconz

Kiwi Iconz -superb iconic NZ images, so nice to have close on the wall

Scenic NZ slim wall style calendar

Slim wall style portrait of NZ calendar, covers the country by month and by season.

A tent style calendar -iamges of nz scenes

Desk tent style calendar with pictorial view of NZ covering the whole length of the country by season.

Tent desktop calendar -views of New Zealand

Tent desk top calendar, these views can take your imagination “I wish I was there!”