desk note pad - wottajotta

advertising budget expanders – the notepad

Note pads are a credible advertising budget expander. They are durable, long lasting and portable. Your brand logo and contact can be with your target customers for weeks and in some cases months.

The humble but useful notepad can come in an extraordinary variety of forms. Choose a form that suits your customer and then let your graphic artist loose with creative printing.

Here below are some examples, the limit is not the budget but the graphic artist’s imagination.

flip top pocket size note pad

A pocket sized flip style pad with paper lined, watermarked or plain

desk note pad - wottajotta

This is a desk top note pad. Chunky and a useful size, no need for cramped notes, easy to write on quality paper.
Vast array of clever add ons. Customers will never go back to sticky notes or memo blocks ever again.