customised gift or promotionla products.

Gifts and Promotional Items – make the most of your dollars

Gifts and promotional items are a valid tool for any marketer. Unique and long lasting is the valiant hope.

It is very hard to avoid the banal mainstream of this field – clothing , keyings, pens, mugs and umbrellas.

Kurtovich offers the creative marketer a rare opportunity to fight the tide of the same boring old things.

It takes work, however Kurtovich have wide and unique resources to help.

Staff who have travelled extensively internationally provide an outstanding range of options and support. As most items are made on site, creative ideas and changes can be made quickly.

Think how clever and useful your next promotion can look to your targets – use a book, a notebook, a journal, an organiser, a scribble pad. Now the novelty gift can be a productivity tool, a personal memo safe, and perhaps a creative centre.

All made right here in New Zealand by skilled New Zealanders.

Blow your “target market” away. Try a Kurtovich solution and you will be amazed.

Bespoke a5 Size notebook, made in NZ, by Kurtovich

A5 size Notebooks made in NZ by Kurtovich

A5 Journals all black all top shelf

Four black notebooks made as gifts or promotional items. Real books that work hard, made here in NZ by Kurtovich