A5 Diary made in NZ by Kurtovich

Note books (with paper), for business promotions

A5 Diary made in NZ by Kurtovich

Bespoke Diary made in NZ by Kurtovich for an international brand

A notebook is used by many business people, from the billionaires such as Richard Branson to myself.

Going to a meeting without a note book (with paper) is not an option to most successful business people.

Here at Kurtovich we make and customise note books (with paper). Over the last couple of years our custom work has grown dramatically in customised (bespoke) note books.

All made for businesses that are growing and at the leading edge of whatever market they are in.

We make these here in New Zealand, we print on site and can produce unique “short run” books of international quality.

Here below are some examples, just a mere fraction of the samples we can show you if you visit.

Bespoke a5 Size notebook, made in NZ, by Kurtovich

A5 size Note books made in NZ by Kurtovich

A5 Notebooks made in NZ by Kurtovich

Made in NZ by Kurtovich, a selection of A5 notebooks

Kurtovich make in NZ customised notebooks

Some customised notebooks made in NZ by Kurtovich