Kurtovich is proud to be manufacturing simple office items in the innovative “ecologia” carbon neutral polypropylene (the sheet, made by Megara in Australia).

The worlds first carbon neutral pp sheet, ads credibility to any ecologically sustainable claims, of a business. The “OhSoEco”  range are normal desktop items.

Made here in New Zealand out of a responsible plastic sheet, that is made in Australia, It is hard to get more home grown than this. OhSoEco_A4Note_large02 OhSoEco_A5Note_large02OhSoEco_clipboard_large02OhSoEco_RingBinder_large01OhSoEco_Magbox_large01  OhSoEco_datacase_large01 OhSoEco_deeptray_large01OhSoEco_shallowtray_large01  OhSoEco_A4Storagebox_large01OhSoEco_penholder_large01OhSoEco_deskcube_large01