wall calendar printed in NZ

Made in New Zealand – really?

you can customise Wall Calendar

2016 Wall Calendar made in NZ

Made in New Zealand, does anybody care? Why should we care? Kurtovich believe we should. Manufacturing here in New Zealand keeps skills and techniques alive in the local business arena and we are able to make products in quantities that are realistic and close to the customer.

Why make in New Zealand when things are so much cheaper if you import them? Being cheap is not the only great factor in a product. Important yes, however quantity is the elephant in the room. When you are forced to buy five years supply ask, why would you?

By making locally, environmentally the carbon footprint is lower. Eco credentials can be verifiable with trust as you can visit the supplier and in turn their suppliers.

wall calendar printed in NZ

2016 Wall calendar made in NZ easy to customise, just  brand it put contact info and important dates for clients to recall at a glance.