customised notebooks

organising a conference or meeting? – note taking – its’ so easy to customise books, binders, pads, or journals

A notepad, ring binder , notebook, or journal, can be taken to all meetings – not all people remember to bring one.

If you are calling the meeting, do provide the simplest recording device, some form of paper.

If you want to get the most out of any meeting, big or small, make sure you help the thought processes of those attending, by giving notes.

The Egyptians used scribes, and 20th century Executives used secretaries, however now we must be more self reliant and do this ourselves. Paper is the simplest solution, not all of us are wiz typists.

If you are running an important meeting,  a notebook if provided should contain the most important points already printed.

Customising short run meeting notebooks is easy and quick.

Kurtovich offers a service that can help your meeting or conference this simple step will make you fly.

All Kurtovich’s options are made here in New Zealand out of ecologically responsible paper and materials.

customised notebooks

Books, Journals, Notebooks, Pads,

comprehensive ringbinders

Information important to clients (customers) easily found in well designed ring binders with tabbed indexes

Custom printed Books, Journals, Notebooks, Pads and
Ringbinders made right here in New Zealand by Kurtovich.