Paper Quality – beware the thin and shiny.

Kurtovich, for over 30 years, have only used the best quality in any paper based products. The basics of good paper are worth remembering.

Paper weight is the technical term used  “gsm” grams per square metre  or gramage, (

For us mortals, a pen, pencil, ball point, rollerball, or fountain ink, will show through on light paper. It becomes impossible to write on the back of the sheet, leading to waste and frustration.

The gramage (gsm) is a measure of how opaque and dense the sheet is. Kurtovich would recommend never buying less than 80gsm paper and the paper most used in Kurtovich products is 80gsm.

Paper colour is important, white or ivory, and the surface of the paper should allow the pen to move easily across the paper. Beware of shiny paper. Slippery paper may not let ink dry and toothy paper could catch the nib as it moves. These are equally bad in different ways  for fountain pens.

At Kurtovich we prefer white , as it offers the most contrast to any ink, however we understand that creams and ivory have a place and we offer some items in a pale ivory.

Before purchase of any note taking item, check the paper weight by placing a page between your fingers. Does it feel as if it has substance? It should be tangible and solid.

Kurtovich makes here in New Zealand, note pads, note books, journals , address books, diaries,  all from the best quality paper for each purpose. For most of these products the paper will have “eco certifications” and a chain of custody certificate from the forest, the mill and the paper merchant.

We hope you enjoy our products and welcome any feed back from customers.

page of wire- dairy by Kurtovich

An open page in a Kurtovich diary bound by the durable twin wire “wire-o” method

90 gsm quality paper

Quality paper is a pleasure to write on and as seen above in some examples of “wotta jotta’s” made by Kurtovich in New Zealand